What is a Big Rig?

While using Campendium, you might notice a symbol or tag that a location allows for big rig RVs:


This means that a campground is known to permit RVs 30 feet in length or longer. 

We recommend using the Big Rig symbol or tag for quick reference only. You should confirm accessibility for your specific rig before arrival at a location. 

Here are some tips for gathering information about whether you will be able to access a location with your rig:

  • If using the Campendium website, note 'Longest RV Reported' on a review page. Then scroll down to the review from the community member with the Long RV Reported and read their experience:longest-rv-reported.png
  • Read the reviews posted to the page. Many reviewers will mention if they think a big rig can access a campsite. While using the Campendium website, you can search reviews for keywords like 'big rig' or 'large RV'. To learn about searching within reviews and other tools on a review page, see our article: Campendium Review Pages 
  • Check out the information on the official website for the location.
  • View photos posted to the review page.

TIP: Accessibility to dispersed locations for any rig is not guaranteed. You should always scout ahead before driving down unknown roads, even if previous reviews indicate accessibility. Road conditions to dispersed areas are known to change. Your rig's capabilities or personal comfort regarding the inherent risks of driving an RV to a location may not mirror those who have visited the location previously. 

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