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Our diverse community of recreational campers and full-time travelers are a big part of what makes Campendium the leading campground listings and review site. Like any community, we have a few ground rules to keep things running smoothly and to ensure that we present meaningful and relevant information on campsites throughout the United States, Canada, and Baja California.

1.  Relevance
2.  Unbiased
3.  Privacy
4.  Eligibility
5.  Q&A – Ask the Community
6.  Report Abuse

1.  Relevance

Please only review campsites with which you have had a direct experience and follow the guidelines below.

  • A review should include information regarding the campground or campsite you overnighted in. Quality, cleanliness and accessibility, available amenities, and noise levels are all great things to mention.
  • Please only review campsites where you’ve had a recent experience. If you haven’t visited the site in more than six months, refrain from leaving a review until you camp in the location again. There is a lot that can change in six months!
  • Think of the reader when you are crafting your review. What is the information that they need to know to camp at this location? Make sure your review is coherent and relevant.
  • Limit your comments to the specific campground that you’re reviewing. If you also checked out a campsite down the road, head to that location’s listing to leave a separate review. If we are missing a camping location, please use our ‘Add a campsite’ form to let us know!
  • Please use the Notes feature to report any pertinent information you learned about a park that you did not visit. Please contact the Campendium support team to update amenities or contact info for a location.
  • Do not use reviews as a way to communicate with the Campendium team. You can reach us by clicking here or by emailing: info@campendium.com. If a campground is closed or if you think a location isn’t suitable for camping, please contact us and we will investigate.

2.  Unbiased

We value unbiased reviews left by members of the Campendium community.

  • If you are an owner, camp-host, campground manager, or campground staff, do not review your own campground or any campgrounds where you have an affiliation.
  • Do not include information you have heard (e.g. rumors) but have not personally experienced in reviews. Reviews should report first-hand experiences only.

3.  Privacy

  • To ensure the privacy of others, do not post private identifying information (like full names) in your reviews.
  • Do not post close-up photos of other people.
  • Photos of nude adults or nude or partially-nude children will be removed. 

4.  Eligibility

  • If you did not actually stay overnight at a campground, your review may be excluded or converted to a note. Please use the Notes feature if you would like to alert others with campground information such as a temporary closure or construction.
  • Hyperlinks within reviews and notes are not permitted. If you have a YouTube video or blog post to share, please use the Post a Video or Post a Blog fields instead. We do support linking to your social media profiles from your profile page and those links will be visible to anyone that views your Campendium profile.
  • Members of the same household may not post reviews of the same campground for the same stay.
  • Please be respectful in your choice of words and your tone. Reviews that include divisive, threatening, offensive, or abusive language toward a person or a group of people have no place on Campendium, and will not be published.
  • Reviews with inappropriate language will not be published. Inappropriate language includes profanity, discriminatory, and hate speech.
  • Reviews containing political or religious views or language will not be published.
  • Reviews written in all capital letters will be excluded.
  • Reviews or notes indicating participation in or suggestion of illegal or rule-violating activities will not be published.
  • Reviews or notes advocating neglect for conservation practices will not be published.
  • We may exclude reviews when we detect unusual reviewing behavior or frequency for a particular campground.

5.  Q&A – Ask the Community

We offer Campendium community members the opportunity to ask fellow campers relevant questions about a camping location through the Q&A - Ask the Community tool:


When a question is published, an email alert is sent to previous reviewers that have opted into answering questions. The question is not sent to campground owners or management. 

  • When you post a question, make sure that it is relevant to the campground you are posting it to.
  • Do not ask for pricing information or if a campground is open. Please contact the campground directly for this information.
  • Do not ask if there is availability or if you can make a reservation. Please contact the campground directly for this information.
  • Please make sure your question can be easily understood by others. If our moderators do not understand what you are asking, it will not be published.
  • Do not ask about practices that contradict a campground or place's rules or regulations. 
  • Please review previously posted questions and answers before submitting a question. 
  • Please review the noted amenities and contact information listed on the Campendium review page and the linked official website for the park (if applicable) before asking a question. 

6.  Report Abuse

You can report possible violations by clicking the flag icon under the review, note, video, blog post, or question that you would like to report. 

We reserve the right to remove any account, review, photos, or information posted to Campendium review pages at any time, for any reason. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently disable any review page or other content on the Campendium website.

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