Do I have the ability to approve bookings?

At this time, hosts do not have the ability to review and approve requests to book. If the property is available, guests will be able to make a booking on immediately. 

If your property will be unavailable at any time, it's important that you update the availability in the Host Portal. After signing into your account, click your property to manage the details and click the Next button to move onto the additional pages.

There are a couple options to manage availability in the Host Portal: 

  • Temporarily suspend bookings at this site - This option will make your property unavailable for all future booking searches on This may be helpful if your property will be closed for an unknown period of time for any reason.
  • Closure dates - This option is great to use if you know specific dates that your property is not available. For example, if it has been booked already on another platform. You can select a date range on the calendar, click the Add Closure button to save it, click Next to reach the last page of editing, and then Done to save. If someone runs a search for the dates you set, they'll get a message that there's no availability.
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