Should I do anything to prepare for my stay?

Before the day of your reservation, take a moment to review property details, guidelines, and any additional information that you received from the host. Be sure to communicate with the host in advance if you have any questions about the campsite or need directions to the property.

Not all campsites have cell service, so we recommend taking note of key information before your arrival like gate codes, step-by-step directions, contact info for the host, and check-in procedures.

If the campsite does not have amenities like electric, water, or sewer, make sure that your RV is ready to handle your needs for the duration of your stay. This may mean emptying wastewater tanks, filling freshwater tanks, and charging your coach batteries prior to arrival. Click here if you need help finding a dump station nearby.

Lastly, please take a few minutes to review Campendium’s Camper Standards by clicking here. We’ve prepared these to help you understand the opportunity and guidelines for camping on private property that’s available to book through Campendium.

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