What should I do if there are issues with a host or property?

It’s our goal for everyone to have a safe and positive experience, and we sincerely hope that no issues arise during your stay. We have vetted the campgrounds that are available to book on Campendium and they have agreed to our Host Standards, which provide guidance and expectations on appropriate behavior for accepting reservations through Campendium.

If you arrive at the property and find that anything was misrepresented in the listing or notice any issues, please contact the host to discuss the problem. Get in touch with them while you are there, don’t wait until after your stay! This gives them an opportunity to correct any issues or offer a resolution. We encourage honest and respectful communication between guests and hosts so that you can reach a solution together. Be sure to take photos or videos relevant to the issue and keep any documentation such as receipts or correspondence with the host.

If the host was unresponsive during your stay or there was no resolution offered, please contact us by filling out this form. Include full details about your stay, the issue, attempts that were made to resolve the issue, any evidence (photos, correspondence, etc.), and the resolution you’re seeking. We will review the report, contact the host to discuss the problem, and try to reach an amicable resolution.

For Online Bookings Only

Note that this form should only be used if your reservation was made through Campendium's online booking platform. We are unable to investigate or assist with issues that occurred during stays that were not booked through Campendium.

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