How can I find bookable places?

Follow the steps below to find places that accept online booking through Campendium. Note that bookable places are currently only available on our website. We’ll be adding them to our mobile apps soon, and until then, you’ll need to visit the website either from a computer or a mobile browser on your phone.

  1. Go to and use the search bar to start typing the location where you're interested in camping.
  2. Wait for the search bar to display a dropdown list of matching locations and click the place you’re looking for.
  3. After clicking a place, you’ll see the search results and a map view of campgrounds in that area.
  4. If there are campgrounds in the area that accept online booking through Campendium, they’ll be at the top of the list with a “Bookable” banner and a “Check Availability” button as shown below.
  5. Click that campground to go to their listing page where you’ll find more details including a description of their property and host rules.
  6. If you’re interested in staying there, use the Availability section to enter your check in/out dates and the number of guests you would have.

If you get a message that there’s no availability, you can try changing your search criteria (dates/number of guests) or try looking for another campground.

If there is availability, you’ll see a preview of the available site and the nightly price. To book, click the Reserve button to go to the checkout page and complete your booking.

You can find more details about the information requested during booking here: What’s required to make a reservation?

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