Filtering Your Search Results and Using Overlays

You can use filters while searching on Campendium to help you find a great place to camp. Learn more about using filters on either the website or mobile app in the tabs below:

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After searching for a city, state, province, or point of interest, you will see filtering options on the Campendium search results page. If using the website on a mobile device, you'll find search filters under the filter icon at the top right of the map.


Sort By: You can sort search results by distance, highest rated, or most reviews.

Category: Here you will find filters for popular categories - publicly managed camping, RV parks, parking lots, and dump stations.

Price: The price filter allows you to see results within a set price range or search for FREE camping. Note: the Always Show FREE filter locks to future searches until you unselect it. 

More Filters: Selecting More Filters will offer you many more filtering options. Click 'Show all' under a section to see all the filtering options in a section!


Note: leaving the search results page will reset all filters except for 'Always show FREE'.

  Roadpass Pro Member Filters and Overlays

Filter by Reported Cellular Service

Pro members can filter search results by reported cellular service on Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. This filter can be found under 'More Filters':


Filter by Elevation

Pro members can filter by elevation after searching for a location. This filter can be found under 'More Filters'. Adjust elevation based results by moving the slider left or right.


Map Overlays

Map overlays offer Pro members extra information on map search. Overlays are found on the upper right side of the map.


Cellular Coverage Overlays - Pro Members can view an overlay of Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile coverage maps on the search results page. Wireless service providers network coverage map data is provided courtesy of the Federal Communications Commission. Data is for general information purposes and “actual coverage may vary.” You should be aware that service breaks can occur even in areas that appear to be covered.


Public Lands Overlays - Pro Members can enable BLM, National Forest, and National Park land overlays on the search map. Public lands map data is provided courtesy of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Arizona State Trust Land. Data is for general information purposes only. Please note that private land may appear within a public land overlay. Please contact the appropriate management office to verify boundaries.


Favorites on Search - Click the heart icon on the bottom right of the map and select "Favorites Only" to see the favorites you have saved on the map. If you want to see your favorites mixed in with all the campgrounds in the area, click on the heart icon on the map and select “Show All.” Learn more about favorites here: View Your Favorite Campgrounds

Trail, Road, & Satellite Overlay - Turn on the trail, road, or satellite overlays by clicking on the map overlay icon. The trail layer shows popular trails, elevation, and extra points of interest. Tip: you’ll need to zoom in on the search results map to see trails!


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