Notes allow the Campendium community to communicate information about a location to other community members without posting a review. Notes can help highlight local information or let others know about temporary status changes for a place. Notes are currently available on the Campendium website and Android app. We hope to release this feature on iOS soon.

Website Android App iOS App

You can view Notes by clicking the Notes tab located just to the right of the Reviews. You can post a note by clicking the Write a Note button above or below the Reviews section.


Notes vs Reviews

Notes and reviews are both great ways to contribute to campground review pages on Campendium and keep the community informed! They should be used at different times. 

You should write a note when you want to highlight important information that others should know before arriving at a location. You can also leave a note when you're not eligible to leave a review.

Here are some instances when it is better to leave a Note than a Review:

  • You have information to share about a location you visited but did not stay overnight at
  • To report information you learned about a location that you did not visit
  • You want to highlight important information 
  • To share information about local amenities that are not onsite at the campground or dump station

If you need to report an update to information or a closure on a page, please contact us at

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