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 Posting Photos to a Review Page

Photo Tips

  • Horizontal photos work best on Campendium.
  • Only post photos that are relevant to the camping location.
  • The Campendium community loves to see photos of campsites, your rig in a campsite, and the amenities available at a camping location.
  • Learn more about deleting a photo from Campendium, here

You can upload photos to a Campendium review page with or without leaving a review. Follow the steps below to learn how to upload photos on the website or the mobile app.

Website iOS App Android App

The Upload Photos button can be found in two places on a review page:

  • Under the push-out arrow on the left which travels with you as you scroll a review page.
  • Upload Photos button on top of the photos area on the right-hand side of the page.


Both of these will take you to a new page where you should click the Select Photos from Your Computer button.

Image showing how to select photos

You'll be directed to use your computer's system to locate and submit photos. After your photos are finished processing you'll get a Success! message and you will have the opportunity to caption your photos or delete any that may have been uploaded by mistake. 

Image showing success screen

Select 'Add More Photos' to continue or 'I'm Done' to return to the review page. 


 Posting Videos to a Review Page

You can share your YouTube campground review or tour videos while using the Campendium website. Videos cannot be shared through the mobile app (yet!)

Note that video links posted in a written review will not work. Instead, you'll want to post your YouTube video using the Share a Video feature on a Campendium review page.

Share a Video can be found in two places on a review page:

  • Under the push-out arrow on the left that travels with you as you scroll.
  • The Share a Video button located before and after Reviews on the page.


At this time only YouTube videos can be shared on Campendium and you must use the YouTube Share link when posting a video:

How to share a youtube video

Share a video link location

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