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Welcome to Campendium!

Campendium is the leading campground listings and review site, focused on a diverse community of recreational campers and full-time travelers. Campendium features reviews, free camping, dump station locations, campsite photos and RV travel blogs allowing you easily compare campgrounds and share your best camping sites.

When you open the Campendium website you'll see search options so you can jump into finding a great campsite if you already know where your adventure will take you!


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At the top of the website, you'll see links to jump to Best Of Camping pages for RV Parks, Free Camping, National Parks, National Forest, and State Parks. If you're signed into your account, you'll see your profile icon at the top right of the page. Click this icon to go to your profile where all of your reviews, photos, favorites, settings, and subscription information can be found.

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As you scroll down the homepage you'll see this week's top rated campgrounds as reviewed by the Campendium community!


Recently posted reviews update in real-time to the Campendium homepage. While the five most recently posted reviews are shared on the homepage, selecting 'Read more campground reviews' beneath those will open a page where you can read endless reviews!


If you're ready to post your own review, check out our tips in our guide for Writing a Review

Now that you've got an idea of what you can do on Campendium, check out the other articles in this section to learn more about how to browse review pages and contribute to the community with your own reviews, photos, and more!

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