Upcoming Changes to Campendium

The most loved features of Campendium are moving to Roadtrippers. This shift will provide you an all-in-one planning experience - something most everyone we hear from has asked for!

With this move the Campendium app will be sunset in the next few weeks. The Campendium website (www.campendium.com) will still be available for basic use, but we strongly encourage you to check out our fully featured Roadtrippers app or website now to continue searching for and reviewing great campgrounds! We've also got a ton of other great RV and camping features over in Roadtrippers.

  • If you have a Roadpass Pro (formerly Campendium Supporter) membership, you already have access to all the premium features in Roadtrippers and can log in to check it out. 
  • If you don't have a Roadpass Pro membership, you can still use Roadtrippers but you'll need to upgrade in order to use the Premium features.
How do I log into Roadtrippers?

You can use Roadtrippers on a computer by going to https://roadtrippers.com/ and on your phone by downloading the Roadtrippers mobile app from the App Store or Play Store.

I have a Roadpass 

If you have connected your Campendium account to Roadpass already, click or tap Log In, then select the "Continue with Roadpass" login option before entering the same email and password that you've used on Campendium.

I sign into Campendium using my email/password (no Roadpass)

If you created a Campendium account before Roadpass was an option and you are a paying member, you might still need to connect your account to a Roadpass. This will tell Roadtrippers that you are a paying member so that you can continue to get Premium in Roadtrippers too! You can connect to Roadpass using the Campendium website, iOS app, or Android app. Please follow the directions here depending on which you are using.

Once you have connected your Campendium account to Roadpass, please follow the 'I have a Roadpass' directions above to sign into Roadtrippers. 

If you are not a paying Campendium member, feel free to create a brand new Roadtrippers account using the Sign Up option on Roadtrippers.

If you are unsure if you have a Roadpass, please reach out to our support team by email at info@campendium.com

What happens to my Campendium (Roadpass Pro) membership?

Your membership will remain active and grant you access to all the best features that Roadtrippers Premium has to offer, including Campendium features that have been moved to Roadtrippers! 

If you want to review or make changes to your membership, learn more about how to do that here: How can I manage my Roadpass Pro membership?

Which features from Campendium will be available in Roadtrippers?
  • Campground & RV Park finder - You'll find every campground, RV park, and dispersed camping location listed on Campendium over in Roadtrippers!
  • Campground Reviews - All those reviews collected over on Campendium since 2015? They'll be in Roadtrippers soon. And we encourage you to start leaving your new reviews there too!
  • Map Overlays - You can expect to see all of the map overlays you know and love on Campendium over in Roadtrippers soon.
What additional Roadtrippers features might I find especially helpful?
  • Overnight RV Parking - Find spots to park overnight while traveling to your next destination.
  • RV Routing Options - Plan your trip of up to 150 waypoints ahead of time with a route tailored to your RV.
  • RV GPS Navigation - Enter your RV’s height, weight, and propane information and get from A to B with confidence.
  • RV Recall alerts - Save an RV to your profile and Roadtrippers will look for RV safety recalls published by the National Highway Transportation Agency (NHTSA).

To learn more about all of the Premium features in Roadtrippers, see our guide here.

Where can I learn more about using Roadtrippers?

Roadtrippers has tons of powerful features and tools, and getting started is easy! Check out our getting started guides below, or head to the Roadtrippers Help Center for answers to your Roadtrippers questions!

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